Monday, October 8, 2012

Art conversation

Talked to my artist friend, Honey McMoney today. I briefly chatted about several things:

1) My continued frustration with the "art world". My creativity this year has been very slow and barren.  Not sure if it's because I'm depressed OR because I'm not creating it makes me depressed. He suggested I make work ABOUT this. Hmmmmm...

2) Honey is my accountability partner. Last week, I had agreed to visit the art studio for 2 hours on 2 days, which I had to embarrassingly admit I did not do. My excuse has been that "I'm not feeling it".

3) Honey, Scott Tsuchitani, and I have been talking about creating a SDMFA program (Self-Declared Masters in Fine Art). There are examples of groups and schools that are adopting this alternative to institutions and I am beginning to research their experiences as a possible working model.


• Studio practice - This week I will go to my studio to work for 2 hours on 2 days.
• Research - check out on-line websites for alternative education groups in the arts and e-mail one of them.
• Make one collage this week.
• Research upcoming deadlines for artist residencies.
• Network to find a "call for art" for a group show outside San Francisco.

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