Tuesday, August 6, 2013

De Young Museum Visit

Attended free day today and visited some of my favorite pieces in the museum. I also saw some new pieces I really love. I especially enjoyed this piece, however I wish that the top half was printed in darker ink like the bottom. This bottom piece has highly inspired me and may result in a future painting I want to complete.

Diptych, 1971
Lithograph in 2 colors on Arches paper 47 3/4 in. x 31 5/8 in.

I love Teraoka's early work and this one is especially beautiful. AIDS has claimed two lives, a mother and child.

George Wesley Bellows
Seated Nude, 1910–1911

I'm extremely fond of paintings by George Wesley Bellows. This one is particularly fantastic with its juicy brushstrokes.

Frank Duveneck
Study for "Guard of the Harem", 1879
Oil on canvas

Frank Duveneck

Venetian Girl, 1880

oil on wood panel

My favorite part of the museum is the African art section.
Mask (Pwoom itok)
Democratic Republic of Congo
Early 20th century
Wood, pigment, beads, vegetable fiber

Standing power figure
Democratic Republic of Congo
Kongo people
19th century
Wood, feathers, glass, metal, fiber




East Epik Province
probably Banaro people
19th–early 20th century
Wood, mud, shell, and green beetle carapaces

Figure, 1940–1950
Alaska, Eskimo, Inupiaq
Seal, rabbin, and elk fur, caribou skin, wood, pigment, and commercial cotton thread

Richard Cleaver
Mother Springhouse (Oakland Plantation Series), 2005
Ceramic, wood, freshwater pearls, garnets, glass crystals, bronze wire, metal, gold leaf, and oil paint



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