Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thoughts About Drawing the Figure

Drawing the figure is a constant challenge and can be quite frustrating at times. To achieve a sense of accomplishment, I attempt to stay in a state of nowness, practiced in Zen Buddhism. In other words, drawing can be meditative. 

I close my eyes and pay attention to my breath. Quickly, I open my lids and react with complete abandon. I fluidly react with no preconceptions and try not to ruminate on past failures. I edge toward objectivity and become aware of what my eyes and mind are paying attention to, for example, dark shadows, undulating contours, and points of tension. I develop awareness of my observant awareness. I continuously look at the figure with fresh eyes, like a young child discovering something new for the first time. 

 Drawing the figure is the most frustrating and simultaneously the most enjoyable experience I have found.

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