Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What...I'm painting?!


I decide to get into my studio today and start a diptych painting that I've contemplated for several years.

1) I start by preparing my panels using many layers of gesso and power sanding.

2) At the same time I play with some sketches and studies. At first I like using a black background, but since have thought of keeping it white. I'm still vacillating on this. I need to decide this soon, for I want to paint them upside down so that the drips run OVER the background.

3) I scan the photo reference and then remove the black background with Photoshop.

4) Then I resize the finished scans and print them out.

5) Then I lay them out on my panels to get a feel for the placement.

6) Next I cut out the legs and assemble them as one piece.

7) I decide to start another painting as a test. So I start with a drawing.

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