Saturday, May 3, 2014

Andy Vogt's Art Opening

After Josh and Maja's art opening, I bicycled over to a small gallery called C2C Gallery to see my friend Andy Vogt's work. I met some really nice artists there and had some great conversations.

The second installation at c2c project space pairs Brooklyn based artist, Jason Karolak with San Francisco artist, Andy Vogt. Despite the obvious differences in media, both artists are interested in the naissance and collapse of space within their work. They create architectural forms that appear to either be in the throes of being built or dismantled in equal measure. Within this unsettled space the viewer is left to question his/her own environment and their place within it.
c2c project space comes with its own set of parameters where the two artist have a week to install their work in what we know will be a thought provoking yet beautiful show.
Opening Reception: 3 May 2014, 7-9PM
Show Dates: 3 May - 8 June 2014

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