Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Art Roadtrip

My friend Nikki and I took a short roadtrip to Palo Alto's Cantor Museum. Our main destination was Rodin's Gates of Hell. It was lightly drizzling and we sat on a bench until the sun went down, sipping on a bottle of red wine.

We also enjoyed more of Rodin's isolated sculptures. I especially enjoyed this moment:

We then followed the undulating and snake-like wall by Andy Goldsworthy. The crickets chirped loudly and the fluorescent parking lot lights hummed constantly.

Afterwards, Nikki drove me to an abandoned and dark parking lot near the Google complex. Lo and behold, there was two large pieces of the dismantled Berlin wall. Very surreal.

We then moved to our next destination, an extremely large metal sculpture of the Virgin Mary. It saddened me because there were beautiful orchids left behind at the base...I hope someone rescues them. We then headed back to San Francisco and desperately searched for a place for a drink and was lucky to find that the bar The Residence served us very close to 2am. We sipped upon Scotch Islay Mist. Yum.

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