Thursday, May 16, 2013


Tonight I visit the CCA main campus to see the MFA art show with my artist friend Nikki. There were a few nice moments.

One of my favorites was a series of rooms with painted walls–very simple concept, but powerful.

This was the first room:

The second room:

The third room was a calm taupe room with a gold door. Lovely.

I also enjoyed a series of delicate bruise drawings and a large one complete with flowers and sections of a body by Amber Fawn.

These dog collars were beautiful and whimsical. Funny thing is I would actually wear these myself!


The pinnacle of the evening was seeing my artist friend's work Kate Nichols. It is fascinating, impeccably completed, and I would love to have one of her art pieces. This oil painting was breathtaking.

multilayer dielectric mirror (fish skin). Oil on panel. 43" x 56", 2013.

Kate Nichols, Maquette

Kate Nichols

The final piece that I was impressed by was a pedestal with a person inside the entire night. It played with objectification and couldn't help myself to gently caress her foot. At the end of the evening, Nikki and I rolled up her pant legs.

As a final note, Nikki and I counted the number of handlebar moustaches and the final count was 9!! Can you say hipster-ville?

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