Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Artist Way Meeting: Week Three

Week 3: Recovering a Sense of Power

This chapter had some very powerful sections including one on Anger, but I especially found the section on Shame intense. I wrote a lot about growing up in a small town and feeling different that everyone, which resulted in me hiding my true self. My true self is creative, so in some ways, living there was killing my creativity. I missed one day on my morning pages and completed my artist date. I also wrote about some of the exercises such as listing five people I admire and the traits they possess that I can cultivate in myself.

Finally, there was a couple of sections, one which was entitled Synchronicity that I found outright insulting because of the author's statements about God. It lacked critical thinking skills and was filled with naivety.

My morning pages

Missed: 1 day
Written in AM: 3 days
Written in afternoon: 4 days
Written late night: 5 days

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