Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Artist Way Meeting: Week Eight

Week #8: Recovering a Sense of Strength

We had two weeks to complete this chapter.

Morning Pages
Morning Evening
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Artist Date
I went to pick out a pumpkin and found a rusted out truck and took a lot of photographs.

#1) Name your dream. I fantasize about being an artist that shows internationally and is highly-financially rewarded.

#2) Early patternings, an exercise.
  1. The teacher who shipwrecked my confidence was…Gustavo. “Explain your installation to us”
  2. The teacher...high school teacher because he had very little to offer me.
  3. The teacher...Robert Hunter because of his comment “Get over it”
  4. The mentor who game me a good role model was...Paul Mullins.
  5. I remember one time when...The museum-goer who asked about my art being abject.
  6. When people say I have talent I think they want to ...compliment me and share their own experience of my work.

Action List
1) Test carving sticks for torches
2) Test gluing mirror shards for hanging sculpture
3) Make Photoshop sketch for laying sculpture
4) Research on how to cut glass
5) Review art website on large computer
6) Research art museums in Berlin for 1 hour
7) Research art galleries in Berlin for 2 hours
8) Review AIR in Berlin for 1 hour

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