Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ann Gale opening

Tonight I attended Anne Gale's opening at Dolby Chadwick Gallery. I've always liked her paintings and was overall pleased with the show. Her Impressionistic style is enticing, but unlike the Impressionists, her colors are often cadaverous. There is also a propensity to her use of horizontal and vertical brushstrokes (see detail).

Ann Gale

Rachel with Blue, 2012

Oil on canvas
48" x 42"

Ann Gale
Robert with Skylight, 2012
Oil on canvas
54" x 44"

Robert with Skylight, 2012 (detail)

Finally, when examining her black, white, and grey series, I couldn't help but compare them to Giacometti's paintings. These were my very favorite from this series. I'm sure I will be highly influenced when I begin my newest painting excursion.

Ann Gale
Space Between, 2012
Oil and graphite on mylar on paper
14" x 11"

Alberto Giacometti, Tête d’homme

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