Sunday, January 20, 2013

Art Collective

Today I met with a few friends to discuss creating an art collective. Here are some notes:

  • Develop accountability, momentum, a crew
  • Projects often become too important–paralysis, preciousness.  
  • 4-8 projects per year (props, getting things done)

  • Vow of quantity
  • Vow of schock
  • Together action–Assisting each other in creative work
  • Getting creative work done
  • Collaboration
  • Structure for giving creative input
  • Trying different roles, directing, drawing
  • Anarchistic group, Dharma groups
  • Grants, deadlines
  • Fluxus

  • A love for pretending and acting
  • Externalization of the group, costumes, flag, logo, coffee cups, t-shirts, temporary tattoos, blood

  • Goal: get out of isolation, accountability, foster spontaneity
  • Want to develop schedule, rules, manifesto, and goals for group to give structure.
  • Get out of the mind-set “this will be a masterpiece”

  • Meet once a month – check in, plus helping on each other’s projects

To do:
  • Everyone - read 3 group manifestos and share at next meeting
  • Everyone - create one simple creative project
  • Loretta - check about websites/blog/wiki with Deborah
  • Terrance - bring goals, timelines, schedule

Future things to do at meetings?:

  • Collages
  • Sketching

Random thoughts

  • No more X of the world
  • We are committed to subverting
  • Intercourse is rape, marriage is slavery...also, we are hoping to make 8 films this year.
  • Society for cutting up men

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