Monday, January 7, 2013

Quick E-mail Exchange

I received this e-mail from my artist friend Honey McMoney

The New Age has given me eccentric art man hair. Perhaps you too? I think I realized I talk to people more when my hair is crazy. Beard + crazy but styled hair = artist. As at least one of the archetypes. I keep getting up to go look at it instead of finishing this email!
I just sent you some pics. Is my work making any sense to you these days? 
And then I was just having this idea about how an image is a lure. What are you attracting? What is the lure's relationship to the macro and the micro? How does the lured react to the lure from the "first sight" distance, on its approach, and right up to the lure. At what point is the lured caught? It all starts to sound kinda sexy...
Must be the New Age. 
I want to call the indeterminate set of paintings I'm working on now "Eggs & Cream".

My response:
Oh yes, my hair is definitely crazy...just like my brain.
Your work seems to be in an "orgy of experience and experimentation" I think your move to NY was good for you. Perhaps it broke the comfort zone and is making you reexamine your work. Ride the wave! 
Oh yes, I love to use aesthetics and allure to my advantage. I think it counterbalances the abjection and taboo in my art.

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