Friday, February 8, 2013

Art Collective Schedule

I am creating a working schedule for my new art collective. Here is my first draft for a 2.5 hours meeting (11:00am–1:30pm):

11:00–11:03   3 min.             Silence
11:03–11:23   5 min. each    Personal check-in
1:00–1:20       5 min. each    Next actions: name intentions and future next actions
11:23–11:43   5 min. each    Professional check-in: goal progress, next actions progress, accountability
11:43–12:45   1 hour            Work: discussion topic, exercise, creative time
12:45–1:00     15 min.          Writing
1:20–1:30       10 min.          Opportunities: deadlines, upcoming art events, films, projects

Work: I propose we share our notes on the 3 group manifestos we reviewed and then begin defining our goals for the group. In other words, to begin to clarify our needs. What do you want from the group? What do you want to accomplish? What are your short term goals? What are you long term goals?

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