Saturday, February 16, 2013

Goal Assessment


1) made two creative gestures - watercolor
2) cut open old watercolor tubes
3) created AIR spreadsheet 
4) completed data entry from 2 Sculpture magazines into spreadsheet
5) watched video on Pomodoro technique
6) applied to Djerassi artist-in-residency program
7) made a few corrections to website
8) attended art opening for Gutai at SFAI
9) organized collage folders
10) attended Creative Capital workshop
11) attended Creative Capital party and made connections with other artists
12) worked on "You're W, I'm W, Repeat" project for one night
13) delivered magazine to collaborator, Sarah Smith
14) made several entries to art blog
15) assigned next actions to upcoming goals
16) prioritized list for art studio tasks
17) study and research art manifestos
18) made quick sketch for small mixed-media sculpture
19) scheduled upcoming figure drawing sessions


1) Participate in 2 AIR's per year
NA: work for 10 hours on data entry into spreadsheet

2) improve art studio to have a clutter-free environment
NA: get more cardboard boxes
- pack workspace into storage space
- fix floor
- get 5 gallons of white
- paint walls

3) visit art studio
NA: schedule 4 days

4) update website to be slick, clear w/ large and delicious photos
NA: find example of artist's website

5) participate in a group art show 2-3 times/year
NA: research "calls for art"
- start spreadsheet with website resources
- email other artists

6) create spreadsheet for art exercises from book


1) start a museum gallery called MoDaD
NA: research on-line for examples
- create website

2) curate a mourning show
NA: gather names of artists
- find gallery space
- get funding

3) visit Hair Museum
NA: look up research and travel grants
- create spreadsheet

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