Friday, February 8, 2013

Art Opening Attended

Tonight, I made an appearance at the largely attended art opening for the Gutai exhibit at SFAI.

I was excited to view the show and intrigued to see the live performances scheduled for the event. Unfortunately, I did not care for the performances due to issues I had with appropriation by the white performer. I felt it was cheeky and disrespectful of the original gestures from the 60's.

On the other hand, the show itself featured some really beautiful paintings and photos from this important art movement. I will go back to see it again.

Shiraga Kazuo
Challenging Mud, 1955 (2nd execution)

Challenging Mud—2013, 2013

Challenging Mud—2013, 2013

Saburo Murakami
Tsuka (Passage), 1956

Guy Overfelt
Passing Through Moto Redux, 2013

Kazuo Shiraga
Chisonsei Isshika, 1960
oil on canvas

Chisonsei Isshika, 1960 (detail)
Kazuo Shiraga
Red, 1999

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