Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Late night thoughts

Today I reviewed the recent magazine issues of Art in America and Art Forum. I was completely unimpressed by any of the artworks. Flipping through the glossy pages conjures my larger feelings about the art world. Why am I an artist and yet so disappointed in the art realm? Why do I strive to have validation from the outside? Is it important to have a forum in which to create a live space? Do I need a gallery as a space to create an experience for an audience? Why do I feel the desire to open dialogue and to broach taboo subjects?

Hold on...this tangent then leads me to consider that this year I will not be applying to grad school for the first time in 6 years. I guess I've had it with THE institution. It does not accept me and I will not accept IT. But yet, many give merit to this farce called a MFA.

I discussed with my accountability partner, Honey McMoney, that this year I will instead apply my energy to Artist In Residency programs and showing in Berlin and New York.

That is all.

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